Project Details

Client: InCOVER Fashion Book

Date: 10 April 2016


LVJ Production was contacted to produce a very couture and impressive editorial. We decided to create an impressive moodboard with a plane story : how would your style survive to a plane failure ? First this editorial was planed for a version of Harper's Bazaar but due to international context it was published in another magazine. It has been published in inCover Magazine in December 15.
This editorial has been prepared with a standard package in agreement with the magazine. We decided to rend an airplanes garage in Perpignan, France to shoot the maximum amount of looks in different sets but on the same location. We decided to choose a team we are used to work with as we had to cross the border. So our team for this shooting was Jean-Baptiste Fort as photographer, Elena Fort as art director, Sandra Escala as stylist, Montse Ribalta as makeup up artist and Maria Senko from Trend Models.

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