Project Details

Client: L'Officiel Kazakstan

Date: 9 May 2016


LVJ Production has been contacted by Anna Kisel, Jean-Baptiste Fort's PR for Russian speaking countries. Anna asked us to produce for Jean-Baptiste Fort an editorial around flowers and summer chic. It was to be published in April 2016. We decided to go on a Standard package to cope with the multiple brands L'Officiel Kazakhstan required.
We created a summer editorial with lots of flowers, pink details, ivory colors but we also wanted to add a touch of modernity and island looks. After approval, we built a team composed of Jean-Baptiste Fort, Elena Fort (art direction), Laia Gomez & Elisabeth Soler (style), Miguel Silva from SK Style (hair) and Irina Vivalta from 5th Models. This editorial has been shot in the Brooklyn Loft in Barcelona and has been elected to be the cover of this L'Officiel Kazakhstan issue.

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