Project Details

Client: L'Officiel Ukraine

Date: 1 June 2016


We decided to do a very simple but very fashion editorial and shooting. We asked his PR for Russian countries, Anna Kisel, to talk with a magazine we love very much : L'Officiel Ukraine. Its fashion editor, Ana Vavara, helped us set up the brands and looks. With multiples brands and a shooting to plan during a business trip, we went to shoot to the Upper House Hotel in Hong Kong.
At this moment we created a "in the city" moodboard to cope with the business vibe we were in at the moment, with very modern accessorizes. After approval, we built a team composed of Jean-Baptiste Fort, Elena Fort (art direction), Christie Simpson (style), Wendy Lee for makeup, Tristan Waikong for hair style and Leane from Glamour HK.

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